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I’m pretty sure my life changed after I got my eyebrows professionally waxed during my sophomore year of high school- my face instantly looked more put-together and sophisticated. Since then, I’ve been pretty obsessed with my eyebrows. I think they’re too light for my face, not full enough (Ali Michael I envy you) and, as of Sunday, not symmetrical. To be fair, I think I’m the only one who thinks that, but it’s irrelevant, everyone is BLIND!

L-R: Maybelline, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sonia Kashuk

So now, I’m on the hunt for new brow products- specifically wax, to make them seem, you know, even. Now, I’m using a Revlon Colorstay pencil, which works well but I need something more! I liked Benefit’s Brow-Zing, but I’m in between Medium and Dark which is an issue. After perusing MakeupAlley I’ve rounded it down to three: Sonia Kashuk Perfect Arch Brow Kit, Maybelline Ultra-Brow Brush-on Color and Wet ‘n’ Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. Basically, whichever one I find first at CVS will be the one I buy- let’s hope next time I write my eyebrows will be (mostly) symmetrical!


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The NY Project

The NY Project- Teen Vogue’s Eleanor Banco from FASHIONmeGREEN on Vimeo.

Fact: I don’t care about “green” fashion. I don’t want to get political, but really, how can it be green if you’re using new materials and resources to make it? Green fashi0n= vintage, yo… Right?  That aside, I was really impressed with this video by The NY Project.  They gave Eleanor Blanco, and Teen Vogue’s PR Director, a “sustainable style makeover.” The results? Amazing. Blanco looks great and all of the clothes are as beautiful as they are eco-chic- apparently. Plus, the shoot was at The Soho House, which, to me, seems to be one of the greatest places in NYC. Maybe it’s time to rethink my stance on “sustainable style”…

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Menswear Fashion Week

I’m not usually into Menswear Fashion Week for many reasons- but mostly because I feel like I need a breather in between Resort and Couture- it’s hard to keep up with everything! Also, when it comes to men’s fashion, I usually prefer my guys in converse/sperry’s, not the crazy items seen down the runway. But- the boys on the catwalk are nice to look at, and Italy, it seems,  is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Of course, this all changed when I saw Garance Dore’s coverage of the events- she captures everything in such a refreshing light, doesn’t she? She makes fashion fun again. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that her usual subjects are fashion royalty- Anna Dello Russo & Co and other style-savvy glamazons. Check out her coverage here, here and here.

PS: Anyone else super-excited for couture week? It’s just around the corner!!

Photos via the lovely Garance Dore

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Kate Nash- Do Wah Doo

Damn, I love this video. Kate Nash has been a favorite of mine ever since Made of Bricks in 07. Her second album, My Best Friend Is You is no less charming, and my most-loved songs from it is “Do Wah Doo.” Not only is it catchy as hell, but everyone can relate to it. I mean, how many times have you ever looked at a guy and thought “Why is he into her?” As mentioned before, the video is adorable and retro (in the best sense,) just like Nash herself.

Beauty-wise, I love the pastel pink lip paired with a bold, shiny eyeliner. My picks? NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday, Niagara or Dolce Vita or MAC’s Costa Chic. For the eyes, your favorite liquid liner (I personally like Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner) and a nice, glittery one layered on top like Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Spandex. Kate’s lovely crooning, unfortunately, cannot be bought- but you can try her album, available on iTunes/whatever download software you use!

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Shaved Heads

I’m no Cassie or Rhianna- I have never wanted to shave my hair off. However, I’ve always admired their panache, as it’s not easy to pull off a lock-less head. Also, how does it grow back? I assume there’s a long awkward stage for regular people- celebs don’t have those, right?!

That being said, if I lived in NYC, I might want to Alice Dellal-up my hair in order to get it “done” by Rico London of Levels Unisex in East Harlem. Don’t believe me? Check out this slideshow fromThe New York Times- amazing, I love the details that he puts in the hair. He also usually doesn’t take requests from customers, which is so different than women’s hair is. Imagine going to a salon and saying “hey, do what you want.” Although, if I had a hair genius like Fekkai or Joel Warren or Sally Hershberger (or Rico London) do my hair, then I might be willing to hand them the reins.

Pictures curtsy of The New York Times

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Food Blogs

Are the BEST thing, right? I mean, there is nothing more satisfying than reading every single recipes and then pretending that I’d be able to cook them which-to be fair to my non-existent cooking skills- I’d never be able to do. But I’m really picky about my food blogs- they have to include photos of every stage of the preparation and have good-quality photography- c’mon guys, Apple+L with Photoshop. Not. That. Hard.

Anyways, here are my favorites- yeah there are only two, I’m picky.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Fancy macaroni

On a diet? Don’t go to this site. Her recipes look so tasty and her photos are perfection. The food is classic American with a twist, and she does sometimes drift to the more Mediterranean side of thangs. She also looks exactly like Martina McBride and has four kids- but you wouldn’t know from her figure. This satisfies even the most intense food porn cravings-I promise!

Baked Bree

Spinach salad with curried pecans, blue cheese and apples

What I did when I do when I found her blog? Stopped EVERYTHING I was doing any read every single one of her posts- it went back only nine pages, I’m sad to say. She’s just a mother who cooks the best food she can for her kids, which ends up looking utterly delicious. The best thing about her food is that it looks moderately healthy, a hell of a lot more than I can say for most food blogs. Want tasty salads and delicious, simple lunches? Get on this site ASAP!

Anyone else know about some seriously good food blogs?

Photo via The Pioneer Woman Cooks & Baked Bree

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Style by Kling

I’m not usually a fan of personal style bloggers (unless they’re great like Jane, Karla, Emily etc…) but I’m going to make an exception for Elin of Style by Kling. I’m pretty sure she works for Swedish magazine Express, but as I have no clue how to speak Swedish, and Google translate is often wrong,  I’ll just tell you about how great her style is.

She’s avant-garde (is that still a cool phrase to use?!) and sexy at the same time- which I used to think was impossible. Half of her stuff is H&M and half of it is Givenchy, Alex Wang and the like-amazing. I guess it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely STUNNING. This is probably not the last time you’ll hear about her, I’m pegging her as a rising style star- she’s been in Elle Bulgaria, Self China and has quite the following in her home country, no doubt she’ll be big in the US in about 3… 2…

What do you think?

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