Food Blogs

Are the BEST thing, right? I mean, there is nothing more satisfying than reading every single recipes and then pretending that I’d be able to cook them which-to be fair to my non-existent cooking skills- I’d never be able to do. But I’m really picky about my food blogs- they have to include photos of every stage of the preparation and have good-quality photography- c’mon guys, Apple+L with Photoshop. Not. That. Hard.

Anyways, here are my favorites- yeah there are only two, I’m picky.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Fancy macaroni

On a diet? Don’t go to this site. Her recipes look so tasty and her photos are perfection. The food is classic American with a twist, and she does sometimes drift to the more Mediterranean side of thangs. She also looks exactly like Martina McBride and has four kids- but you wouldn’t know from her figure. This satisfies even the most intense food porn cravings-I promise!

Baked Bree

Spinach salad with curried pecans, blue cheese and apples

What I did when I do when I found her blog? Stopped EVERYTHING I was doing any read every single one of her posts- it went back only nine pages, I’m sad to say. She’s just a mother who cooks the best food she can for her kids, which ends up looking utterly delicious. The best thing about her food is that it looks moderately healthy, a hell of a lot more than I can say for most food blogs. Want tasty salads and delicious, simple lunches? Get on this site ASAP!

Anyone else know about some seriously good food blogs?

Photo via The Pioneer Woman Cooks & Baked Bree


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  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words. I am so glad that you like my little food blog. It is my baby. This made my day!

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