Shaved Heads

I’m no Cassie or Rhianna- I have never wanted to shave my hair off. However, I’ve always admired their panache, as it’s not easy to pull off a lock-less head. Also, how does it grow back? I assume there’s a long awkward stage for regular people- celebs don’t have those, right?!

That being said, if I lived in NYC, I might want to Alice Dellal-up my hair in order to get it “done” by Rico London of Levels Unisex in East Harlem. Don’t believe me? Check out this slideshow fromThe New York Times- amazing, I love the details that he puts in the hair. He also usually doesn’t take requests from customers, which is so different than women’s hair is. Imagine going to a salon and saying “hey, do what you want.” Although, if I had a hair genius like Fekkai or Joel Warren or Sally Hershberger (or Rico London) do my hair, then I might be willing to hand them the reins.

Pictures curtsy of The New York Times


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