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Menswear Fashion Week

I’m not usually into Menswear Fashion Week for many reasons- but mostly because I feel like I need a breather in between Resort and Couture- it’s hard to keep up with everything! Also, when it comes to men’s fashion, I usually prefer my guys in converse/sperry’s, not the crazy items seen down the runway. But- the boys on the catwalk are nice to look at, and Italy, it seems,  is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Of course, this all changed when I saw Garance Dore’s coverage of the events- she captures everything in such a refreshing light, doesn’t she? She makes fashion fun again. Then again, it doesn’t hurt that her usual subjects are fashion royalty- Anna Dello Russo & Co and other style-savvy glamazons. Check out her coverage here, here and here.

PS: Anyone else super-excited for couture week? It’s just around the corner!!

Photos via the lovely Garance Dore


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Style by Kling

I’m not usually a fan of personal style bloggers (unless they’re great like Jane, Karla, Emily etc…) but I’m going to make an exception for Elin of Style by Kling. I’m pretty sure she works for Swedish magazine Express, but as I have no clue how to speak Swedish, and Google translate is often wrong,  I’ll just tell you about how great her style is.

She’s avant-garde (is that still a cool phrase to use?!) and sexy at the same time- which I used to think was impossible. Half of her stuff is H&M and half of it is Givenchy, Alex Wang and the like-amazing. I guess it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely STUNNING. This is probably not the last time you’ll hear about her, I’m pegging her as a rising style star- she’s been in Elle Bulgaria, Self China and has quite the following in her home country, no doubt she’ll be big in the US in about 3… 2…

What do you think?

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